03 May 2018


Update: NCMSS Washington Show 2018


I thought it best to keep the members of NOVAG up-to-date with the current status of the plans and additions to the NCMSS WASHINGTON SHOW 2018 that is scheduled for Saturday, 8 September.  I am going to start by thanking the NCMSS staff the support they have given me in bringing miniature gaming to the show, starting with the 3100 square foot gaming area.  If you include the dealer area and the other areas being used for exhibits I can easily see 8000+ square feet of exhibit space for the show.   Best of all, we also have the tables to fill out the gaming area for the events and activities.  


GAMES:  Speaking of games, so far we have received a few games but are a long way to fill out the gaming area and we have a lot of room!  More games are needed and for their work, GM's have free admission.  This is a great way to try out a new scenario for other conventions.  We have medals for the top game per Genre; Historical, Science Fiction, and Fantasy, and we are looking for sponsors for prizes.   The GM event registration form can be found on the NCMSS website www.ncmssclub.org.


Sponsors:  Let us know if you want to sponsor a category or event with prizes or Swag.


PEL:  We have a date of 8 Jul to get your games and events in the PEL so send them in.  


Gamers / Modelers flea market: The NCMSS staff has dropped the price on these tables to $15 per table (6' each) for all day so check the NCMSS webpage as a registration form should be posted.  The tables will be in the same room as the games so run a game with your table.


New model category:  This year a new model category was added to the show and for those of you who build those models we now have GUNDAM.  This category also has the "Huzzah Award" for the top model and prizes and being sponsored by Huzzah Hobbies.  Prizes for the GUNDAM category are $20 for Bronze medal, $30 for Silver medal, and for Gold medal is $50, a model and certificate as the winner of the 2018 Huzzah Award.  Pretty cool.   GUNDAM? a science fiction media franchise created by Sunrise that features giant robots (mechs) called mobile suits bearing the name Gundam.  You can find examples on YouTube and they are available at Huzzah Jr.


Dealers: Are you dealer or know a dealer?  (I'm talking games and miniatures here... sheesh.) The staff has also dropped their price for dealer tables to $35 each and will be located in the main room.  Check the NCMSS web page for details and how they are handling space.  I know the tables are 6' so a really good price. 


Raffle:  Another first this year will be a raffle to help raise funds for NCMSS in supporting its activities and grow the club.  Donations are welcomed so check the NCMSS webpage.


Keep an eye on the NCMSS web page, as updates will be posted.  www.ncmssclub.org as this is where the official news will be posted.




The thing I like about the WASHINGTON SHOW is a simple one-day event so your weekend is not blown, locally held, and the admission price is crazy cheap (have to pay for all that space and tables).   We will also have dealers,