NOVAG/Potomac Wargamers Game Days.  I say Game Days, because on Saturday 26 Jan Brian DeWitt hosted an open gaming session at the City of Fairfax library.  He ran a WWI naval game and Chris Brand ran an auto racing game. There must have been round 15 folks there with Fred Haub providing lunch.  Sunday saw us at the Centreville Library.  Thanks to all the GMs and gamers who came out to make both days a success.


HAWKS Charity Calendar.  Our friends up Harford County Maryland are selling a wargaming calendar for $20. Proceeds will benefit their HAWKS Armies for Kids program. It is print on demand.  Available from Zazzle.comhttps://www.zazzle.com/hawks_gaming/products.  Or contact Buck Surdu at Buck Surdu <surdu@acm.org>


NOVAG Pins: $3 a piece or 2 for $5. Contact John at:john.e.mcconnell@eds.com  

NOVAG at Huzzah Hobbies:  Dave Luff has arranged for NOVAG to have a table at Huzzah Hobbies on Friday night following the Flames of War afternoon game.  If anyone wants to run a game there, let David know at dluff20164@yahoo.com

Painting Service Discounts. The PhilGreg painting Service is offering a 17% discount for orders over $100 if postmarked between 18 November and 19 February.  Contact them at Philip Wijekularatne <info@philgregpainters.com.

Blood Bowl Super Bowl 2 February at The Games Tavern, 4124 H Walney Road, Chantilly VA 20151.  Start time 4:00 pm. In celebration of the championship of America's game, we will be playing casual Blood Bowl on the Saturday of Super Bowl weekend.  For both new and experienced players.  Bring your favorite team, but if you don't have one, teams will also be provided if you are interested in giving the game a try. If you are coming for 40k earlier, stay for Blood Bowl.  For further info contact Lance O’Donnell at  ljodonnell@hotmail.com.

Williamsburg Muster 15-17 Feb.  For further details see www.odmsclub.com


ScrumCon. 16 February.  Davis Hall, College Park MD.  For further details see:



PREZCon.  25 February-1 March.  A mega board gaming convention in Charlottesville.  For further details seewww.prezcon/com



Herndon Area 

DATE                PERIOD                SCALE                RULES                HOST

Games Tavern 4124H Walney Rd. Chantilly Start time is 6:30 pm

1 February                  WWII                  15mm           Fireball Forward     Tilson  

 Scenario: Crocodiles!  22 March 1941.  1300 hrs. Gambella, Galla-Sidamo, Ethiopia. The XI Infantry Regiment of the Force Publique from the Belgian Congo, has reached south western Sudan.  They prepare to attack the city of Gallo Sidamo, held by Italian irregulars under command of Captain Diele. One route to the city is along a river bank, which may have crocodiles!  Can the Belgians take the city before sundown?

1623 Hiddenbrook Dr. Herndon Start time is 6:30 pm

8 February          Ancients                     15mm     Might of Arms        DeWitt/Taylor

Scenario: Samurai are possible.

15 February Napoleonics                  15mm                       Napoleon’s Battles   Taylor  

Scenario: To Be Determined.

Games Tavern 4124H Walney Rd. Chantilly Start time is 6:30 pm

25 January      Seven Years War 15mm                    Black Powder                      Tilson 

22 February        Seven Years War  15mm                    Black Powder                      Tilson 

Scenario:   25 August 1758. Zorndorf the afternoon battle.  The Prussian morning attack was a bloody draw.  By midafternoon Frederick has organized his right wing for a second try at defeating those pesky stubborn Russians.  He throws them forward.  Can the Russians hold.?

Sterling Area  Fridays

Date: To Be Determined.   Hosted by David Luff. Start time 6:30 pm.  Modern Armor using Fist Full of TOWS.

David will host this at his home and will scale the game according to participants.  

RSVP mandatory   To play contact him at dluff20164@yahoo.com

Alexandria Area  Fridays

Date: To Be Determined.   Hosted by Dennis Wang  

Scenario:  To Be Determined. For details, please contact Dennis at dw_2000@hotmail.com RSVP mandatory so Dennis can scale the game accordingly.

Date: To Be Determined.   Hosted by Steve Robinson. 

Scenario: To Be Determined For details, please contact Steve  at stevekrobinson@yahoo.com  RSVP mandatory so Steve can scale the game accordingly. 

Dale City - Area 

Ron hosts games at his home in Dale City.  If interested contact Ron at ronalamo@comcast.net 

Fairfax Area Weekends 

Date: To Be Determined Hosted by Jason Weiser

Scenario: Fall of the Reich. Details: Battlegroup Rule used; for further details Jason at jason.weiser@gmail.com

Eagle and Empire 

The Eagle and Empire game schedule is now posted on their Facebook page.  Please consult Facebook for information.

Huzzah Hobbies Games start at 6:00 pmish

- Tuesday Malifaux, Warmachine/Hordes, and Netrunner LCG Gaming starts at around 6pm

- Wednesday Ancients/Medieval with a variety of Rule Sets: Fields of Glory/DBM etc.

   Starts at 5:00-600 pm. Contact Mark Bumala at bumala@verizon.net

- Thursday -Thursday Night Gaming Group (TNGG) DBA 15mm Ancients/Medieval

   For details contact Stephen Gibson sgibson260@cox.net) or see their Yahoo Group for details.

- Friday Flames of War. Start Time 1:00 pm.

   Folks are invited to push lead and experience the game even if they don't have troops as we normally have loaners

   Specific games are generally not planned in advance as we do all periods and theatres.

   For further info contact Jay Mischo at JMTrinity@aol.com.


The Washington Area DBA Group hosts occasional events. For further info see: www.wdwww.wadbag for details.

Comics and Gaming Fairfax

- Sunday Magic at 12:00

- Monday Magic at 7:30

- Tuesday Heroclix at 8:00

- Thursday Magic at 7:00; Netrunner at 7:00

- Friday Magic at 7:00

- Saturday Eurogames starting at 1:00 p.m.

Games Tavern

-Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays: Open Board Gaming

-Wednesday, Friday: Team Yankee and Flames of War Nights.

-Saturday: Star Wars Armada and X-Wing

-Saturday, Sunday: Warhammer 40k

-Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: Painting Assistance

Victory Comics 

- Wednesday Magic the Gathering Standard at 6:30pm and Heroclix at 6:00 (usually a tournament)

- Thursday Board Gaming all day long, Infinity and Malifaux at 6pm, Magic Legacy at 6:30pm 

- Friday Magic with alternating formats each week.

- Saturday Open Gaming (every other week); Magic Draft and Standard (every other week at noon and 4:30pm respectively); and Heroclix For Fun (every Saturday)

- Sunday Magic Draft at Noon and Open Gaming.



Alexandria-Arlington Regional Gaming Group Saturday

To Be Determined. See their Facebook Page for more details.



Springfield/Franconia Saturday/Sunday

Kingstown Game Brigade Kingstowne Center for Active Adults (the Senior Center) 6448 Lansdowne Centre Alexandria VA 22315 (Next to the Kingstown Library) Board/war gaming such as Axis & Allies, Hammer of the Scots, Sekigahara, GMT games, etc. Others welcome. For further info contact Malcolm Smith at malcolmsmith@earthlink.net

2 February Saturday 0830

9 February Saturday 0830

Western Fairfax County Friday  

The War and Strategy Gaming Group is a gaming group for young people ages 10 to 16.  They meet monthly at the Cascades Library  (21030 Whitfield Place, Potomac Falls/Sterling) on Sunday afternoons.  Please register to attend. To register, please call 703-444-3228 or register online: Go to http://library.loudoun.gov/ and search the "Events" section for "location" Cascades Library and "audience" Teens.

Loudon County Irregulars 

The Dulles Wargaming Club meets irregularly in Loudon County.  Contact Ben Lacy at benlacy@brittonpublishers.com for further details.

Throughout the Area 

Games Club of Virginia and Games Club of Maryland have good local club activities every week.  Further info see http://www.gamesclubofmd.org/ and for a calendar see: http://www.gamesclubofmd.org/Calendar.asp

    Advanced Squad Leader

The DC Conscripts host a monthly gaming session for ASL one Saturday per month, for further info sees: www.dcconscripts.org


Especially Long Board Games 

This board Game Group is just getting established.  They plan to play games that take longer.  See their site on Meet Up.